West Street Goods

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West Street Goods

Opened on the Polloc and Govan Railway.


This was a large mineral depot in Glasgow, built on the site of a former brickfield. It was enclosed by the General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway alignment from Terminus Junction (west) to West Street Junction [CR] (east) to the south, the City of Glasgow Union Railway to the north and Tradeston Gasworks No 3 and West Street itself to the east.

The sidings fanned out from the east and there was a connection into the gas works on the east side.

So large was the yard it had its own signal box at the exit. This closed in 1908, along with the box at West Street Junction [CR], when both boxes were replaced with a new box at West Street Junction [CR].

The site of the depot is now an industrial estate to the west of West Street.


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West Street Mineral Depot West Depot


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