Portsoy [2nd]

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Portsoy [2nd] (1884-1968)

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Opened on the Moray Coast Railway (Great North of Scotland Railway).


This was a two platform station. The main station building was on the eastbound platform. The station replaced the Portsoy [1st] terminus when the line was extended west to form the Moray Coast Railway.

The Loch of Soy was partly filled in at the south end to give land for the station.

There were two signal boxes. The north box was at the north west end of the southbound platform and the south box at the south end of the same platform. Both opened in 1884. The south box controlled one end of the loop and also the junction with the original Portsoy [1st] terminus.

The north box, the more minor of the two, closed in 1936 when taken over by the south box.

The remaining box closed in 1959 and the loop was taken out before closure, the westbound line lifted and station building and town side line left in place. A ground frame was fitted for access to Portsoy [1st].

The station and line closed in 1968.

The station building still stands and the platforms have been landscaped.

1st Portsoy & Fordyce Explorer Scouts


The trackbed is now the National Cycle Route 1 .



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