Midland Hotel [Morecambe]

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Midland Hotel [Morecambe] (1933-)

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This hotel's architecture belongs to the 'Streamline Moderne' branch of Art Deco, a style dating from the 1930s-50s when all things streamlined and curved were in vogue, such as the Princess Coronation Class. It opened in 1933, directly west of the original 1848 hotel, the site of which is now the hotel's car park. It was opened by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway just to the north of the Morecambe Promenade terminus.

The hotel entered a long decline after the Second World War. It has been superbly restored and was re-opened in June of 2008. The western frontage is a glazed restaurant with a view west over Morecambe Bay, ideal for taking in a sunset.

The present operator (2018) is English Lakes. English Lakes - The Midland

The Friends of the Midland Hotel were formed during the period when the hotel was in very poor condition and were, and are, involved in the restoration and future plans for the building.


Hotel Streamline Moderne Art Deco

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