Liverpool Lime Street

Location type

Major station

Name and dates

Liverpool Lime Street (1836-)

Where: North West England, England
Opened on the Lime Street Extension (Liverpool and Manchester Railway).


This is a major terminus in Liverpool with a glazed roof.

The station replaced Liverpool Crown Street which located further east and uphill from the city centre.

The climb from the station to Edge Hill was sufficiently steep that, until 1870, a stationary engine was used to haul trains up to the station and westbound trains descended, without locomotive, under the control of brake vans.

The station was expanded several times. There are two arched glazed roofs over the station, the northern one (1867) is 219 ft wide and the southern one (1874) is 186 ft wide.

A hotel was added to the frontage of the northern trainshed in 1871. The view of the southern trainshed is unencumbered.


Terminus station