Lanarkshire Steel Works Signal Box

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Lanarkshire Steel Works Signal Box (1900-1946)

Opened on the Motherwell New Lines (Caledonian Railway).


This signal box was built on the Motherwell New Lines (Caledonian Railway) on the first portion of this line, authorised in 1890 and running from Shields Colliery Junction to north of Lanarkshire Steel Works. This was originally a reversing spur for the works until the line was extended on to Cousington Road Junction Signal Box in 1900 and the Lanarkshire Steel Works box opened.

The works was founded 1899 by the Lanarkshire Steel Company Ltd.

The original box was on the south side of the junction.

This box was replaced in 1918, the new box being on the north side of the junction.

From here lines ran into the Lanarkshire Steel Works to the south east and the yards of the Dalzell Steel Works were to the west. The line north to Coursington Road Junction Signal Box passed under yards to reach the junction.

The box closed in 1946 after which yard working applied. Around this time the Coursington line closed.

Later, after 1956, the yards survived as the exchange sidings between the Dalzell Steel Works, Ravenscraig Steel Works and Lanarkshire Steel Works. With the closure of the Lanarkshire Steel Works around 1980 the connection to Shields Colliery Junction was to closed in the 1980s. The yards remained until closure of Ravenscraig in the 1990s.

The site is now cleared and landscaped.


Reversing spur signal box junction

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