Donibristle Platform

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Donibristle (1942-1944)
Donibristle Platform (1944-1959)

Opened on the Aberdour Line (North British Railway).


This two platform halt served Donibristle Airfield which was to the south. The site of the halt was east of today's Dalgety Bay station and where the Fordell Railway passed underneath.

The timber platforms were equipped with waiting shelters and there was a ticket office by the road to the south. Steps up to the skew bridge to the west of the platforms allowed crossing between the platforms.

To the east of the halt was a signal box on the north side of the line, opened in 1918 for Donibristle Siding. This siding was approached from the east and had a short loop before a level crossing with today's A921. To the south of the crossing was the airfield, with the line serving building at the north of the site and the runway and hangers to the south.

The siding continued west to Hillend, crossing over the Fordell Railway, before running south west to Inverkeithing's Inner Bay and a new East Ness Admiralty Pier.

The airfield had initially opened in late 1917 for the Great War. It soon became a naval aeroplane maintenance facility. The long siding to Inverkeithing was laid for seaplanes. This line was lifted after the war.

The airfield continued in use the the Second World War, becoming HMS Merlin.

The halt opened in 1942 and remained open until closure of the airfield in 1959, officially closing in 1962. The nearby signal box had opened in 1918 and closed in 1962.

The northern part of the airfield is now an industrial estate. Many of the houses at Dalgety Bay are on the southern portion. Developments have removed traces of the line to Inverkeithing but the pier still remains, in use by Forth Bridge Stevedoring Ltd.

Donibristle Bank rises to the east of the former halt.


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Donibristle Halt HMS Merlin

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