Broomloan Shipyard

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Broomloan Shipyard (1896-1903)


This south Govan works was the yard of Chalmers, Scott & McKivett (1896-1899) and Chalmers & McKivett (1899-1903) which, in 1903, relocated to Seath's Rutherglen Shipyard. The name 'Broomloan' was taken with them during location, being used for continuity in Rutherglen whilst the reformed company became William Chalmers & Co Ltd.

The Broomloan yard was an inland works building small craft; barges, tugs, fishing boats, lighters. The company advertised as 'Chalmers, Scott & M'Kivett, light draught ship-builders and engineers, Broomloan Shipyard, Govan.'.

It was on land feued from the Broomloan Estate to the south of Govan, located on the east side of Broomloan Road. Broomloan Foundry was to the east, Plantation Boiler Works to the south east and Broomloan House itself was just to the north.

Relocating to Rutherglen gave direct access to the river and a larger site.

The Broomloan site was later a furniture works, then Ellis & McDougall Lifts Ltd and is now a scrapyard.