8 Images released on Wednesday 25/03/2020

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Arnott, Young and Co [Old Kilpatrick]: The link from Old Kilpatrick Goods yard into Arnott Yound crossed a minor road by means of this level crossing. The view looks west. Behind the camera was the railway connection into the [[Mountblow Oil Terminal]].

Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Ewan Crawford [//1987]

Dundee: A view along Dundee's Platform 1 on 4 March 2020 as people await the 1421 to Edinburgh, which will arrive surprisingly early. Do people still use trolleys? Anyway, they are there if you need them. The high retaining wall is most definitely needed as, uniquely in the UK, the platforms here are below sea level - and the sea is less than 100 yards away. Photographed 4 March 2020.

Tay Bridge and Associated Lines (North British Railway)
David Panton [04/03/2020]

Ribblehead Viaduct: View from RTC's steam-hauled return railtour from Carlisle to Preston, looking south-east from Ribblehead Viaduct on the Settle & Carlisle Line, on the afternoon of Saturday, 14th March 2020. This magnificent structure took five years to construct between 1870 and 1875, is 440 yards long, 104 feet high and has 24 spans. It was designed by an architect named John Sydney Crossley of whom I have been unable to discover anything.

Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)
David Bosher [14/03/2020]

Aberdour: The 09.52 Azuma, from Aberdeen to London Kings Cross, nears Aberdour on 16th March 2020.

Aberdour Line (North British Railway)
Bill Roberton [16/03/2020]

Eastleigh: Freightliner 66515 departing Eastleigh, after a crew change on 6th March 2020.

London and South Western Railway
Peter Todd [06/03/2020]

Woodacre Crossing: Most Pendolinos are still running without the new Avanti livery, although that is perhaps the least of the company's worries at the moment. 390050 heads for Glasgow passing through the Lancashire countryside at Woodacre on 14th March 2020.

Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway
Mark Bartlett [14/03/2020]

Blackrod: A Manchester to Blackpool North calls at Blackrod on 2nd March 2010. Since this photo was taken electrification has changed the scene but 150148 is still operating on services for Northern.

Bolton and Preston Railway
John McIntyre [02/03/2010]

Moy: Passing through the landscape at Moy, an unidentified Class 800 Azuma provides the Inverness to London King's Cross sevice as it begins the long journey south in the morning sunshine. 13th March 2020 was probably the nicest day of the year, so far, in these parts.

Inverness and Aviemore Direct Railway (Highland Railway)
John Gray [13/03/2020]