12 Images released on Saturday 09/11/2019

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Lancaster: Freightliner 66607 takes the Up Fast line through Lancaster heading from Hardendale to Tunstead on 23rd October 2019. In Platform 3 195125 calls on a Manchester Airport to Barrow service.

Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Mark Bartlett [23/10/2019]

Llanbrynmair: A westbound service heading towards Machynlleth passes the closed station of Llanbrymair on 17 September 2019. On what would have been the westbound platform, a small dog runs around in excitement at the sound of the train.

Newtown and Machynlleth Railway
John McIntyre [17/09/2019]

Avon Viaduct [Westfield]: Westfield Viaduct crosses the River Avon adjacent to the village that gives it its name. Built in the mid 1850s by the Monklands Railway, which was eventually absorbed by the North British. It is 60 feet high and 220 yards long and saw its last train at the end of December 1964.

Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways)
John Gray [23/10/2019]

Maxwelltown: Shortly after leaving Dumfries northbound, trains on the Port Road to Stranraer turned west and crossed a bridge over Nunholme Road. The remains of that bridge mark the start of what is now the Maxwelltown Railway Path. This particular part of Dumfries stands within a loop formed by the River Nith, with Nunholme Road continuing north to reach a car parking area on the south bank; while 150 yards to the west the path crosses the river on the former Nith Viaduct, now renamed Queen of the South Viaduct [see image 25379].
See query 2189

Castle Douglas and Dumfries Railway
John Furnevel [01/09/2009]

Morningside Road: A view of the remains of the retaining wall at the end of Bruce Street. This had been built to support the loading bank for goods sidings which left the South Sub just to the west of Morningside Road Station. Initially a dock siding was provided here for masons to offload the sandstone blocks from local quarries. The stone was then used to construct the outer facing of walls for the new flats in that part of Edinburgh. This siding was known as the Stone Lye; it was later taken over by the municipal authorities and became known as the Corporation Sidings. There were also several sidings along the back of Balcarres Street which were accessed from the Up line. The end of the retaining wall is just visible in the photo in A. A. Maclean's book on the South Sub page 188 and the sidings are clearly shown on the 1910 Ordnance Survey 25 inch map.

Edinburgh, Suburban and Southside Junction Railway
Charlie Niven [09/12/2018]

Edinburgh Park Central [Tram]: A city-bound tram approaches Edinburgh Park Central on 21 October 2019. I wish I'd been a fly on the wall when the spectacularly unoriginal name of Edinburgh Park was chosen. It was built over a farm called Redheughs; was this name deemed offputtingly unpronouncable to non-Scottish businesses?

Edinburgh Trams
David Panton [21/10/2019]

Edmonton Green: Edmonton Green station, which retains its attractive Victorian platform canopies, looking south to Liverpool Street, on 12th August 2019. This station was opened by the Great Eastern Railway in 1872 and was known as Lower Edmonton for many years until renamed Edmonton Green in 1992. It is the junction for the lines to Enfield Town and Cheshunt which were transferred from Abellio Greater Anglia to Transport for London as part of London Overground in May 2015. The low level station on the original 1849 Eastern Counties Railway route to Enfield from Angel Road closed in 1939 and all trace of this has completely disappeared.

Bethnal Green to Edmonton and Lea Valley Line (Great Eastern Railway)
David Bosher [12/08/2019]

Giffen Junction: Looking south west at Barrmill towards Giffen Junction in 1992, on what was by then the Giffen freight branch, with the now-demolished Giffenmill Viaduct just visible to the left.

Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway
Bill Roberton [//1992]

Penrith: 350406 leans into the curve as it heads south from Penrith with an Edinburgh to Manchester Airport service on 20th October 2019. This view, taken from the footpath on the M6 bridge, shows the Down Loop in the foreground, and its intermediate signal that allows two trains to be in the loop. Until 1972 the Keswick branch climbed away to the right at this point. [See image 21967] from 1967 looking back to a brand new bridge, and the under construction M6, from where the EMU is in this image.

Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Mark Bartlett [20/10/2019]

Cambridge: The Old Ticket Office pub in Cambridge - it used to do what it says on the tin. The hotel just visible on the left is built on the former entrance to the station car park.

Peterborough, Ely and Cambridge (Eastern Counties Railway)
Ken Strachan [14/09/2019]

Lower Darwen: Ian Riley's Black 5s 44871 and 45407 come out of the mist just to the north of the site of Lower Darwen station (behind the camera) on 3rd November 2019 while working the RTC tour 'The South Yorkshireman' from Blackburn to Wakefield. The train has passed the site of the former Lower Darwen loco shed (24D) as it heads south on the climb towards Darwen and Sough Tunnel.

Blackburn, Darwen and Bolton Railway (Bolton, Blackburn, Clitheroe and West Yorkshire Railway)
John McIntyre [03/11/2019]

Stuttgart Hbf: One of the new Bobardier Talent 2 EMU at Stuttgarts platform 3 on the RB17A/RB17C 11.47 service to Pforzheim and Bruchsal, the train will split at Pforzheim. Abellio have started to run some services around Baden Wurttemberg and have had a few complaints about some early teething problems.

Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft
Gordon Steel [17/09/2019]