12 Images released on Thursday 10/01/2019

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East Kilbride: A 4-car 156 about to return to Glasgow on 5 January 2019. East Klbride is a terminus crying out for a second patform, but I suppose to be effective the doubling would have to extend to the Hairmyres loop (or, preferably, Busby).

Busby Railway
David Panton [05/01/2019]

Boat of Garten: Strong winter sunshine makes for high contrast as Ivatt Class 2 No.46512 passes over the Kinchurdy Road with the morning * Mince Pie Special* for Broomhill on 2nd January 2019.

Strathspey Railway
John Gray [02/01/2019]

Leamington Spa: 70003 is 'Dead-in-train' as sister 70010 takes it, and a liner train, from Crewe Basford Hall to Southampton. The train is seen passing through Leamington Spa on the p Middle road on 21st November 2018.

Birmingham and Oxford Railway
Mark Bartlett [21/11/2018]

Paddington: 31401 hauls a set of ECS out of Paddington in July 1985.

Great Western Railway
John McIntyre [06/07/1985]

Glenfinnan Viaduct: Evening service from Mallaig crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

Mallaig Extension Railway (West Highland Railway)
Ewan Crawford [17/12/2018]

Auchterarder: The then still active coal depot at Auchterarder in 1990. The view looks north from the former northbound platform. [Ref query 9 January 2019]

Scottish Central Railway
Ewan Crawford [//1990]

Craigleith Junction: The Barnton branch (left) parted company from the Caledonian's Leith North line just north of Craigleith station. As with Edinburgh's other railway walks it is well-signposted. Also like similar walks I suspect more people pass here on foot and bike in any given period than ever passed on a train.

Caledonian Railway
David Panton [29/12/2018]

Downpatrick: Broad gauge stock on shed at Downpatrick, seen from station, Downpatrick & County Down Railway, Northern Ireland, on 28th July 2018.

Belfast and County Down Railway
David Bosher [28/07/2018]

Ayr MPD: Continuing demolition work on the main sandstone building at 67C Ayr MPD on 4th January 2019.

Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
Colin Miller [04/01/2019]

Glasgow Queen Street High Level: The 1630 Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street HST service with 43143 leading, seen at platform 6 having arrived a few minutes late on 5th January 2019. It would shortly depart for Eastfield HS.

Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway
Colin McDonald [05/01/2019]

Dundee: 158735 forms the 15.30 to Edinburgh in bay platform 3 at Dundee on 4th January 2019.

Tay Bridge and Associated Lines (North British Railway)
Bill Roberton [04/01/2019]

Cumbernauld: An Edinburgh to Glasgow service pulls into Cumbernauld on 5 January 2019. In my (necessarily) short experience of these service loadings seem rather light, at least outwith peak times. An opposite working was diesel, so there are still stock as well as reliability issues.

Caledonian Railway
David Panton [05/01/2019]