Holloway Road

Exterior of Holloway Road station, opened by the Great Northern, Piccadilly & Brompton Railway (now part of the much extended LUL Piccadilly Line), seen on 22nd September 2018. On the right can just be seen the GNR viaduct of 1850 into and out of King's Cross. This station opened with the line on 15th December 1906 and the initials GNPBR can be seen on the right side of the building. The only entrance to the station nowadays is that behind the bus stop. During the London Blitz of WWII my late mother, when a child, and grandparents sheltered from the bombs in this station although Mum was later evacuated to Darlington.

Location: Holloway Road

Company: Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway

Photographer: David Bosher

Contact photographer: David Bosher

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Date: 22/09/2018

Image number: 72339