Shoreditch [NL]

Remains of the North London Railway station at Shoreditch opened with the Broad Street branch on 1st November 1865 and closed after heavy war damage on 3rd October 1940, seen here from a passing London Overground train on 15th February 2014. This is all that is left at platform level of the station but up until closure of the Broad Street branch in 1986, the disused central island platform was still in position. That was swept away during the reconstruction of the line as part of the London Overground which opened in April 2010 with a new section of track linking it to the former LUL East London Line to enable trains to run through from north to south London. The new section includes a station at Shoreditch High Street, further south and which was preferred to rebuilding the original 1865 NLR station. (I travelled on the very first train south from Dalston Junction to New Cross back in 2010 and I still have fond memories of riding the line in the 1960s, 70s and 80s into and out of the moribund eyesore that the once great Broad Street station (now demolished) had sadly become.)

Location: Shoreditch [NL] (former)

Original line: North London Railway

Photographer: David Bosher

Contact photographer: David Bosher

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Photosets: Disused London stations, 1981-2022  Disused London stations 1981-2023  

Date: 15/02/2014

Image number: 71084