Lennox Castle Siding

Whilst out investigating former station sites in the Blane Valley on a wet Sunday morning, I discovered that there were not too many railway features at the site of Campsie Glen station. To the west the railway crossed Kirk Burn and the abutment of the railway bridge was still present. Slightly further west again there had been sidings with a spur leading into the former Lennox Castle Hospital. In the undergrowth, still attached to the remains of a sleeper was what appeared to be a point rodding compensator. What else may be in the vicinity is not known as the 'site survey' was halted due to the weather conditions.

Location: Lennox Castle Siding (former)

Original line: Blane Valley Railway

Photographer: John McIntyre

Contact photographer: John McIntyre

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Date: 02/09/2018

Image number: 65811