Seen from the adjacent hotel are MS Baltic Queen of Tallink and Silja Serenade of Silja Line are berthed together in Stockholm's ferry haven. These are regular ferries not cruise liners which ply between Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States. In the centreground, under construction, is a woodchip-fired power station to which raw material is brought by ship or by train. The line which serves it can just be made out in the shady area to the left of and below the new road infrastructure. There was a station, Värta, on this route, Värtabanan, until 1913. The line itself was electrified between 1904 and 1908 and re-electrified in the 1930s; now it is freight only. According to the Port website there have been occasional train ferries to Finland.

Location: Värtahamn

Company: Stockholms Hamn AB

Photographer: Charlie Niven

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Date: 16/03/2014

Image number: 61156