Cairntows Level Crossing

The cyclist has just left Duddingston Road West and is heading north west along the trackbed of the line to St Leonards (the so-called Innocent Railway). In just over half a mile he will enter the tunnel under Holyrood Park. Photographed on 6 August 2017 looking over the site of the level crossing. (At some point in the past 13 years the gatepost on the left has been repositioned nearer the centre of the old trackbed see image 6125.) The line between Duddingston Junction and St Leonards was closed (along with St Leonards goods depot) in 1968.

Location: Cairntows Level Crossing

Company: Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway

Photographer: John Furnevel

Make contact: John Furnevel

Date: 06/08/2017

Image number: 60421

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