Sheerness Docks

The disused and severed spur from the Sheerness branch that formerly served the Sheerness Steel site (beyond the fence to left) and continued on to Sheerness Docks. View is south along the A429 Brielle Way in January 2017. The line to the docks is blocked some 100m behind the camera and the section of trackbed running beyond the crossing to the former South Junction is currently being excavated. There are plans to re-open part of the steelworks later in the year, initially as a rolling mill. It is possible the connection between the branch and the steelworks may yet be restored. P.S. Alas this was not to be as within a year from this view a bridge had been erected across the road ahead and the site prepared to be used as an additional storage area, holding some 2000 vehicles, for new cars imported thro' Sheerness dock.

Location: Sheerness Docks

Original line: Sittingbourne and Sheerness Railway

Photographer: David Pesterfield

Contact photographer: David Pesterfield

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Date: 24/01/2017

Image number: 58002

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