Greenend Siding

An old and battered North British Railway Company notice concerning bridge traffic, issued under the Locomotive Act of 1861... 'An act for regulating the use of locomotives on turnpike and other roads, and the tolls to be levied on such locomotives and on the waggons or carriages drawn or propelled by the same.' The sign is thought to have stood alongside bridge 142 on the Waverley route south of St Boswells, and is seen here looking towards bridge 144, Longnewton. (John Conacher served as NBR GM between 1891-1899). [Ref query 8096]

Location: Greenend Siding

Company: Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)

Photographer: Dougie Squance (Courtesy Bruce McCartney)

Contact photographer: Dougie Squance (Courtesy Bruce McCartney)

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