Neustadt (Sachsen)

The Romanian built C-C diesel hydraulics of DR class 119 were never famed for their reliability and despite significant expenditure on the class by DB following German reunification (by which time they had become class 219) they did not survive long, with many of their duties being taken over by multiple units. A pocket of the class survived in the extreme south-east of the former DDR into the 21st century and here No. 219067 has recently arrived at Neustadt (Sachsen) in June 2001 on the 07.10 local train (No. RB17914) from Pirna.

Location: Neustadt (Sachsen)

Company: Deutsche Bahn

Photographer: Ingrid Jamieson

Make contact: Ingrid Jamieson

Date: 26/06/2001

Image number: 41591

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