The Stirlingshire and West Lothian border area as seen on this 1957 OS One Inch Map.  The name Manuel comes from Emmanuel: there was a religious house here in medieval times.  Sadly there is no known connection with Spanish waiters.  The nearby village of Whitecross is really a 20th century creation, so came too late to lend its name to the station.  The formerly split-level the station now served only the main line, though the ticket office remained on the trackless lower level until closure in 1967.  Note the 'Birch-hill' seems to have become Birkhill by the time the SRPS moved in!  Now isn't Grangemouth station crying out for a re-opening?  The Glasgow to Grahamston trains lie over on the branch.  Crown copyright 1957.

Location: Grangemouth

Company: Maps

Photographer: David Panton

Make contact: David Panton

Date: 1957

Image number: 33463

Tags: Map
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