Marks Tey

Seemingly a sad 1970s example of a derelict station on a long closed line, this station was (and still is) fully operational on the London to Norwich main line, just south of Colchester. Part of an electrification gantry can be glimpsed on the right. What had happened? When the A12 from Chelmsford to Colchester was built in the late 1960s, a nearby interchange embankment ended up so close to the station that its approach road had to be severed, cutting off all access. This required a new access on the up side and forced the main building into disuse for a decade. It was demolished a few months after this photo was taken. An example of two dimensional thinking by the A12 planners?

Location: Marks Tey

Company: Eastern Counties Railway

Photographer: Mark Dufton

Make contact: Mark Dufton

Date: 21/01/1978

Image number: 29262