Crew Junction

Crew was an old toll cottage on the Ferry Road until the area started to become built up between the wars and the name acquired a final 'e', probably through association with the Cheshire town, as if its more rational spelling had been wrong all along. The junction on the CR Leith branch however retained the old spelling until the end.  The site is pictured here on 20 February 2010.  Left for Granton Goods, right for Leith North.  The red footbridge visible through the mesh fence is on the site of the short-lived bridge photographed by Frank Spaven in 1966 see image 26659.

Location: Crew Junction

Company: Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway)

Photographer: David Panton

Contact photographer: David Panton

Contact editor

Date: 20/02/2010

Image number: 27819

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