Shirebrook East Junction

Environs of Warsop Junction; a complicated location. The line to the right is the 1974 British Railways north (Shirebrook East Junction) to east (Warsop Junction) link between the former Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway and the Midland Railway's Worksop Branch. This completed a triangle of junctions. The Midland line is in a cutting running from left to right. On the left and running straight on (closed and lifted) is the mainline of the LD&ECR which crossed the Midland. A short portion of this line remains unused but in place connected by a Midland Railway curve to Shirebrook Junction. This portion serves the W.H. Davis Wagon Works (itself a stub of the GNR line to Mansfield) approached by a reversal at the former Langwith Junction. Out of shot far to the left is the still open east to south connection between the Midland and LD&ECR. The view looks west along the LD&ECR (later the Great Central) which formerly continued to west Chesterfield and north to Sheffield.

Location: Shirebrook East Junction

Company: Shirebrook East Junction to Warsop Junction (British Rail)

Photographer: Ewan Crawford

Contact photographer: Ewan Crawford

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Date: 14/01/2005

Image number: 24569