Dunfermline Town

A fine collection of period saloons, complete with proper boots, occupies the cobbled station car park at Dunfermline in 1985. Despite removal of the redundant letters, the station's former name can still be clearly made out in the two-tone paintwork above the main entrance. This became the sole station in Dunfermline between the closing of Dunfermline Upper in 1968 and the opening of Dunfermline Queen Margaret in 2000.  Inexplicably, for a short time during the 1990s, it was referred to once again as Dunfermline Lower in timetables and a road sign appeared nearby directing drivers to Lower station see image 17460. Equally inexplicably, the current dot matrix departure screens in the area refer to it simply as 'Dunfermline' rather than 'Dunfermline Town'.

Location: Dunfermline Town

Company: West of Fife Railway and Harbour

Photographer: David Panton

Contact photographer: David Panton

Contact editor

Date: 05/1985

Image number: 22582

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