Whitacre Junction to Nuneaton (Midland Railway)

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

The site of Shustoke station, between Nuneaton and Birmingham, closed in March 1968 and seen here looking West in May 2014. The main building has ...
Ken Strachan 11/05/2014
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The stone block forecourt is on the South side, the station master's house is on the North side - not much in between since 1969 or so. ...
Sally Strachan 24/10/2009
This waiting shelter on the North side (towards Nuneaton) is very well preserved, considering every other building on Abbey St. has been demolished. ...
Ken Strachan 24/10/2009
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This disused bridge on the former Nuneaton station avoiding line (the Birmingham to Leicester line while Abbey Street station was still open) has ...
Ken Strachan 01/03/2019
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