24/06/1861[Switchback] ([Caledonian Railway])
Rutherglen to Dalmarnock goods opened along with a bridge over the River Clyde.
12/04/1877[Switchback] ([Caledonian Railway])
London Road opened for goods.
01/04/1879[Switchback] ([Caledonian Railway])
London Road opened for passengers. Stations at; Rutherglen, Dalmarnock and London Road.
02/08/1886[Switchback] ([Caledonian Railway])
Extension from London Road to Blochairn goods opened.
26/11/1894[Switchback] ([Caledonian Railway])
Blochairn to Blackhill opened
01/11/1895[Switchback] ([Caledonian Railway])
London Road closed
11/03/1896[Switchback] ([Caledonian Railway])
Balornock Junction to Robroyston opened.
07/09/1964[Switchback] ([Caledonian Railway])
Balornock Junction to London Road closed.
  /01/1984[Switchback] ([Caledonian Railway])
London Road High Level closed to goods (except rare scrap workings)