Peterborough, Wisbech and Sutton Bridge Railway

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

There isn't much to find on the old M&GN lines but here at Thorney between Peterborough and Wisbech a set of level crossing gates stand as a reminder ...
John McIntyre 23/02/2018
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A short distance from the former station site at Wisbech St Mary (now cleared and redeveloped for housing) were two GER carriages in the grounds of a ...
John McIntyre 25/02/2018
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The Cross Keys bridge at Sutton Bridge, looking east towards Kings Lynn on 22 February 2018. The former M&GN station was a short distance to the right ...
John McIntyre 22/02/2018
The second swing bridge at Sutton Bridge on the former M&GN route from Spalding to Kings Lynn now exclusively used by road traffic on the busy A17. ...
John McIntyre 22/02/2018
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