Glasgow Central Station Extension (Caledonian Railway)


Glasgow Central was extended to the west in 1904 for which a new bridge over the Clyde was built (Clyde Viaduct [Glasgow Central]).

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Bridge Street Junction (South) to Bridge Street

This was a large terminus in Glasgow on the South bank of the River Clyde. No part of the original station remains but portions of its later extension remain on Bridge Street. It was replaced by Glasgow Central, just to the north over the River Clyde.

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Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway)
This fine building is the only surviving part of Bridge Street station, which was Glasgow's first custom-built passenger terminus, situated just to ...
David Bosher 05/09/2022
385028 leads 385025 with the 17.20 from Lanark, past the former Bridge Street station on the left, on 16 April 2023. The box-shaped structure on the ...
Bill Roberton 16/04/2023
This view shows the offices at Bridge Street looking from Bridge Street itself. ...
Graham Morgan 12/08/2006
A Class 156 still in old ScotRail colours passes Bridge Street in the approach to Glasgow Central ...
Graham Morgan 05/08/2006
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Bridge Street to Glasgow Central Extension

This hoist connected Glasgow Central station, above, with the very important steamer quay, Broomielaw Quay. The hoist was located in the southern part of the station.

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The imposing bridge over the River Clyde south of Glasgow Central was built in 1904-08 and modified in 1961 when the original Clyde Viaduct [Glasgow Central] [1st] was removed.

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A plastic-shrouded Clyde bridge as seen from King George V Bridge with Central station just visible. The images posted on the hoardings are not ...
David Panton 07/10/2020
The view south from the Broomielaw under the Glasgow Central approach viaduct over the Clyde. ...
Ewan Crawford //1998
Pride-liveried 390119 leaves Glasgow Central with the 09.45 to Euston on 17 April 2023. The bridge piers to the left carried the first Clyde Viaduct, ...
Bill Roberton 17/04/2023
The wraps have been removed from this section of the viaduct showing the new paintwork at least. It is photographed through the south piers of the ...
David Panton 14/07/2021
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This is the busiest station in Scotland. It was established by the Caledonian Railway in 1879 and was hugely expanded in 1901-5.

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Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway)
86012 at Glasgow Central on 24 June 1989. ...
Roger Geach 24/06/1989
86232 'Harold Macmillan' at Platform 1, Glasgow Central in February 1988
Bill Roberton /02/1988
380108 awaits departure from Glasgow Central on 14 October 2023.
Bill Roberton 14/10/2023
A Swindon Class 120 unit and a Met Cam centre car make up a hybrid formation leaving Glasgow Central with a service for Kilmarnock in 1989.
Bill Roberton //1989
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