Ebbw Vale Company


  /  /1789Ebbw Vale Company Works
  /  /1837Beaufort Ironworks Tramway
Passenger station by Victoria Iron Works and Ebbw Vale Company's Victoria Colliery called Victoria.
24/06/1859West Somerset Mineral Railway
Line leased by the Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron and Coal Company (originally the Ebbw Vale company) for 55.25 years.
  /  /1864West Somerset Mineral Railway Ebbw Vale Company
West Somerset Mineral Railway taken over by the Ebbw Vale Company to procure iron ore.
  /  /1868Ebbw Vale Company Works
Bessemer process introduced.
04/07/1909West Somerset Mineral Railway
The Somerset Mineral Syndicate sub-lets the line from the Ebbw Vale company. The line is re-opened between a new jetty at Watchet and Brendon Hill where a 2 foot mine line extends the railway. Gupwrthy is not re-opened.
  /  /1919West Somerset Mineral Railway
Ebbw Vale Companys lease expires and no longer has to pay for use of line.
  /  /1919Ebbw Vale Company Works
Works closed.
  /  /1935Ebbw Vale Company Works
Acquired by Richard Thomas & Co.
  /  /1938Ebbw Vale Company Works
Re-equipped and Ironworks, Steelworks and mills re-opened as the first continuous wide-strip mill in the UK for tinplate.