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A train near Fountainhall on a pretty section of the re-opened railway.

Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway) Tags: Moorland Farmland Main line Scotland
Opened by North British Railway

This railway has largely re-opened as the Borders Railway (Network Rail).

The line was an integral part of the former Waverley Route from Edinburgh to Carlisle via Galashiels and Hawick.

Originally to be built by the Edinburgh and Hawick Railway Company, the company was bought by the North British Railway before construction began and was opened as the larger company's Hawick Branch.

The line closed in 1969.

It re-opened in 2015 from Sheriffhall south to Galashiels and Tweedbank on the 6th of September.

The northern portion from Portobello East Junction to Niddrie South Junction never closed and Brunstane station opened in 2002. Newcraighall opened on a portion of the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway at the same time. From Newcraighall a new line, the Millerhill Deviation (Network Rail) takes the line south to Sheriffhall via a new station at Shawfair.


Most recently added photographs

The 0955 ex-Waverley leaving the platform at Galashiels on 9 November 2017 on the last short leg of its journey to Tweedbank. Meantime, in the background, the last of the newly arrived passengers crosses the A7 Ladhope Vale to reach the Interchange building - notwithstanding the traffic signals!
09/11/2017 John Furnevel


No. 46100 Royal Scot is seen coasting downhill towards Stow in August 2017 having just entered the double track section at Galabank Junction. I know it's trivial, but to my eye the 6 and the 0s on the cabside aren't rendered in the proper Gill Sans font and just look wrong.
21/08/2017 Bill Jamieson

Galabank Junction

The 20.5x on arrival at Tweedbank back from Waverley. Five coaches, 158 leading and 170 tied on. Not a nice night - horrendous rain and wind.
04/10/2017 Bruce McCartney


This location is about mid-way between the old Borthwick Bank box and Tynehead station, near Halflaw Kiln Farm. 37 685 banking 44871 - there is some smoke visible to the right hand side of the shot which betrays the presence of the Black 5 at the front of the train, otherwise one might conclude that the Type 3 is running wrong line downhill.
20/08/2017 Bill Jamieson

Borthwick Bank

Black 5 No. 44871 making a determined climb of Borthwick Bank with the Forth Bridge and Borders Steam Special just after mid-day on Sunday 20th August. The location is about mid-way between the old Borthwick Bank box and Tynehead station, near Halflaw Kiln Farm.
20/08/2017 Bill Jamieson

Borthwick Bank

All photographs of Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway).

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Why built

This line was built to carry passengers, goods and livestock from the border towns of Hawick, Newtown St Boswells, Galashiels and the surrounding area to Edinburgh.

The re-opened line carries a passenger service from Tweedbank via Galashiels, where there is a transport interchange, north to Edinburgh.


//1845 Act receives Royal assent.
//1845 Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (as yet unbuilt) absorbed by North British Railway.
14/07/1847 [[Portobello East Junction]] to [[Niddrie South Junction]], [[Cairney]] to [[Millerhill]], re-alignment at [[Sheriffhall]] and [[Dalhousie]] to [[Gorebridge]] opened.
01/05/1848 Line extended from {{Gorebridge}} to {{Bowland}}.
20/04/1849 Line opened from Bowland to Hawick.
/10/1852 Newstead station closed
01/07/1862 Hawick 1st closed to passengers on opening of the Border Union Railway (North British Railway).
//1870 Fountainhall station masters house built.
17/07/1871 Auction Mart started by John Swan & Sons by the St Boswells station
14/12/1916 A major landslip at {{Ladhope Tunnel}}, just west of {{Galashiels}} station, blocks line.
//1923 {{Melrose}} station's timber roof removed.
//1964 {{Fountainhall}} becomes de-staffed.
06/01/1969 Edinburgh ({{Portobello East Junction}}) to Hawick to Carlisle ({{Port Carlisle Junction}}) closed to passengers. {{Newtongrange}}, {{Gorebridge}}, {{Tynehead}}, {{Heriot}}, {{Fountainhall}}, {{Stow}}, {{Galashiels 1st}}, {{Melrose}}, {{St Boswells}}, {{Hassendean}}, {{Hawick 2nd}}, {{Stobs}}, {{Shankend}}, {{Riccarton Junction}}, {{Steele Road}}, {{Newcastleton}} stations closed.
28/04/1969 Gorebridge, {{Lady Victoria Pit}}, (excluded) to {{Hawick 2nd}} officially closed to goods.
//1989 [[Millerhill Yard Junction]] (by [[Millerhill MPD]], approximate location of the former [[Cairnie]] station) to [[Millerhill Junction]] (south of the former [[Millerhill]] station) closed.
03/06/2002 {{Portobello East Junction}} to {{Niddrie South Junction}} and Niddrie South Junction to {{Newcraighall}} re-opened to passengers with a stations at {{Brunstane}} and {{Newcraighall}}. A long reversing spur was provided south of Newcraighall from the new {{Newcraighall Junction}}.
06/09/2015 [[Newcraighall North Junction]] to [[Tweedbank]] opened to passengers with stations at [[Shawfair]], [[Eskbank]], [[Newtongrange]], [[Gorebridge]], [[Stow]], [[Galashiels]] and [[Tweedbank]]. [[Newcraighall Junction]] renamed [[Newcraighall South Junction]].


The re-opened line carries passengers from Tweedbank and Galashiels to Edinburgh Waverley.


The original line ran south from Dalhousie to Gorebridge, Galashiels, Newtown St Boswells and Hawick. As built the line was double track and the northern approach, via the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway, was re-gauged and partly re-aligned. A short section was also opened from Portobello East Junction to Niddrie South Junction upon which the 2002 Brunstane station opened, whereas Newcraighall is on the older Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway.

Portobello East Junction
Joppa [1st]
Millerhill Junction
Newbattle Viaduct
Newtongrange [1st]
Sheriffhall [2nd]
Niddrie North Junction
Niddrie Junction [2nd]
Lady Victoria Pit Signalbox
Arniston Catchpoints
Niddrie South Junction
Gore Glen Bridge
Fushiebridge Junction
Fushiebridge [1st]
Borthwick Bank Signal Box
Tynehead Junction
Falahill Summit
Galabank Junction
Bowshank Tunnel
Bowland Junction
Torwoodlee Tunnel
Kilnknowe Junction
Ladhope Tunnel
Galashiels [1st]
Galashiels Goods
Galashiels Shed
Selkirk Junction
Darnick Siding
Newstead [Melrose]
Ravenswood Junction
St Boswells
St Boswells Shed
Kelso Junction
Charlesfield Halt
Greenend Siding
Standhill Siding
Hawick Shed
Hawick [1st]

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