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Locomotive Builders

This information is partly from Railways by Alastair Smith, Introducing Scotland Series, Spurbooks. ISBN 0 7157 2077 5

Airdrie Iron Co, Standard Works, Airdrie (c1870-1913)
Allan Andrews & Co, Britannia Engineering Works, Kilmarnock (c1874-82)
Alexander Anderson & Sons, Carfin Boiler Works, Motherwell (c1900)
Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co, Caledonia Works, Kilmarnock (1859-present)
Barclays & Co, River Bank Engine Works, Kilmarnock (1872-88)
Barr & McNab, Paisley (1840-54)
William Beardmore & Co, Dalmuir and Parkhead, Glasgow (1920-31)
Blackie & Go, Aberdeen (1848)
Peter Borrie & Co, Tay Foundry, Dundee (c1841)
Caird & Co, Greenock (1840-1)
Caledonian Railway, St Rollox, Glasgow (1854-1928)
J & C Carmichael, Ward Foundry, Dundee (1833)
Alexander Chaplin & Co, Cranstonhill Engine Works, Glasgow (c1860-1900)
Clyde Locomotive Co, Springburn, Glasgow (1886-8)
A F Craig & Co, Caledonia Engineering Works, Paisley (c1870)
W B Dick & Co, Britannia Engineering Works, Kilmarnock (1883-1910)
Dick & Stevenson, Airdrie Engine Works, Airdrie (1864-90)
William Dixon, Calder and Govan, Glasgow (1860-92)
D Drummond & Son, Govan, Glasgow (1891-1900)
Dubs & Co, Glasgow Locomotive Works, Polmadie, Glasgow (1865-1903)
Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway, Cowlairs, Glasgow (1844-65)
Edinburgh, Perth & Dundee Railway, Burntisland, Fife (1861)
Thomas Edington & Sons, Phoenix Iron Works, Glasgow (1840-1)
Forrest & Barr, Glasgow (not recorded)
Glasgow, Paisley & Greenock Railway, Greenock (1846- 55)
Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock & Ayr Railway, Glasgow (1845-8)
Glasgow & South Western Railway, Kilmarnock (1851-1921)
Glengarnock Iron & Steel Works, Glengarnock (1913)
Gourlay Bros & Co, Dundee Foundry (not recorded)
Grant Ritchie & Co, Townholme Engine Works, Kilmarnock (1879-1920)
Great North of Scotland Railway, Kittybrewster (1857-1901)
Great North of Scotland Railway, Inverurie (1909-21)
Hawthorns & Co, Leith Engine Works, Edinburgh (1847-c1880)
Highland Railway, Lochgorm, Inverness (1869-1906)
Kilmarnock Engineering Co, Britannia Works, Kilmarnock (I920)
Kinmond, Hutton & Steel, Blackness, Dundee (1838-55). Locomotives for the Dundee and Arbroath Railway.
McCulloch, Sons & Kennedy, Kilmarnock (c1890)
McFarlane, Greenock (no details)
Marshall, Fleming & Jack, Motherwwell (c1896)
Martyn Bros, Chapelside Works, Airdrie (c1890)
Monkland & Kirkintilloch Railway, Coatbridge (and Kipps?) (1840-2)

Murdoch, Aitken & Co, Hill Street Foundry, Glasgow (1831-41)
~1831 Locomotives for the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway

Neilson & Mitchell, Hyde Park, Glasgow (1843-1903)
North British Locomotive Co, Glasgow (1903-62)
North British Railway, Cowlairs, Glasgow (1865-1924)
North British Railway, St Margaret's, Edinburgh (1856-69)
R Y Pickering & Co, Wishaw (c1900)
Jas M Rowan & Co, Atlas Works, Springburn, Glasgow (I839-51?)
Scottish Central Railway, Perth (1856-66)
Scott, Sinclair & Co, Greenock (1847-9)
Alexander Shanks & Sons, Dens Iron Works, Arbroath (1872-7)
Sharp Stewart & Co, Atlas Works, Springburn, Glasgow (1889-1903)
William Simpson & Co, Aberdeen (1845-93)
A & W Smith & Co, Eglinton Engine Works, Glasgow (c1870)
Stark & Fulton, Glasgow (1839-49)
James Stirling & Co, Dundee (1834-49?). Locomotives for the Arbroath and Forfar Railway.
J & A Taylor, Ayr (1869-71)
Leonard J Todd, Leith(c1870)
John & Thomas Young, Vulcan Foundry, Ayr (c1863)

Rolling stock manufacturers

R Y Pickering and Co: Railway Rolling Stock Manufacturers; 1888-1954, Wishaw. The University of Glasgow's Archives and Business Records Centre holds the records of this company.

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