Wanton Walls Junction

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Wanton Walls Junction (1915-1967)

Opened on the Lothian Lines (North British Railway).


This was the junction between the single track line from Niddrie North Junction [Lothian Lines] (originally Brunstane Park Junction) and an altered double track connection to the line west to Niddrie West Junction. Both then ran south east as a double track to Monktonhall Junction to meet the Dalkeith Branch and a connection to the East Coast Main Line. All three lines were part of the Lothian Lines (North British Railway). The signal box was on the north side of the junction.

From Wanton Walls the west portion of the existing line from Niddrie West Junction to Niddrie East Junction was retained and the east portion was abandoned, replaced by the line to Monktonhall Junction. The single track line to Niddrie North Junction cut through the abandoned trackbeds of the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway and its later adaption as an main line link by the Edinburgh, Suburban and Southside Junction Railway. The west portion was a partly realigned portion of the same line.

All lines through Wanton Walls Junction are now closed. North to Niddrie North Junction closed in 1967 (when the box closed). The eastbound track to Monktonhall Junction fell out of use in 1971, lifted by 1976. North West to Niddrie West Junction and south east to Monktonhall Junction closed in 1984 (it was included in the 1977 Monktonhall resignalling as a bidirectional line). The line closed in 1984 was relatively redundant as the eastern approach to, and through, Millerhill Marshalling Yard ran parallel to it.

The trackbeds are now footpaths, although the trackbed to Niddrie West Junction has recently been built over with housing. To the north east of the 1915 alignment at Wanton Walls the 1884 alignment can be found.




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