Shields No 1 Junction

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Shields No 1 Junction (1849-)

Opened on the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway.

Opened on the General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway.


Shields No 1 Junction is the junction between the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway of 1840 and the Glasgow Harbour and General Terminus Railway of 1849. The latter now longer accesses General Terminus but continues in its role as a 'bypass' of Glasgow Central for freight from Ayrshire to Lanarkshire and vice versa.

It was a double track junction, but has been reduced to a single lead junction for the two lines running east to Terminus Junction and now forms a flying junction. The original line to Terminus Junction is on the south side and is now single. The line on the north side (which flys under just to the east) uses the former Kinning Park Goods approach from Kinning Park Junction to the east (today the connection is made just to the west at Shields West Junction). To the west is a new connection made with Glasgow St Enoch closed which allows access to the Paisley Canal line.

Also on the north side were sidings for works; to the west the Clutha Works.

To the south was Bellahouston Junction No 1. The site is now Shields Road Depot.