Larkfield Carriage Sidings

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Gushetfaulds Carriage Sheds and Sidings
Larkfield Carriage Sidings

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Clydesdale Junction Railway.


This considerable Caledonian Railway carriage shed (around 17 lines) was located between South Side [CR] (to the east) and the Gordon Street lines approaching Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway) (with Gushetfaulds station to the south) and City of Glasgow Union Railway to the west. Approach was from Central Station Junction / [Gushetfaulds Junction]] to the east.

The sidings were nicknamed the 'Gobi Desert'.

Although the sheds were removed, some sidings remained in use until 1980s, electrified alongside Gushetfaulds Freightliner Terminal.

No sidings remain today.


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