Gorton Crossing

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Names and dates

Gortan (1894-1926)
Gorton [WHR] (1926-1964)
Gorton Crossing (1988-)

Opened on the West Highland Railway.

Note: text in square brackets is added for clarity and was not part of the location's name.


This former island platform station is now Gorton Crossing, a passing place on the line with ground frames to operate the points.

There was a combined signal box and building here, the same style as those at Glen Douglas and Corrour.

A grounded carriage on the island platform was used as a school for children in the area.

The halt closed to passengers in 1964, the box closing and loop being taken out in 1968.

In 1987/88 the loop was re-instated, controlled by ground frames, for the use of permanent way maintenance trains.

Portions of the platform remain and the loop has been re-instated in recent years, now controlled by two ground frames. Red bricks of the demolished building can be seen on the west side.



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