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Fushiebridge (1849-1943)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway).


This was a two platform station.

No new station has been provided here with re-opening of the line. The nearest station is Gorebridge. Stow is the next on the route south, formerly Tynehead was the next south.

The original signalbox was on the east side of the line. After re-building there was a goods yard on both sides of the line - incredibly a goods shed was fitted in on the spare restricted west side of the line here.

The "new" signalbox (1897) was on the west side close to the point of divergence of the colliery and Esperton Quarry (lime) lines.

When first opened the station "Fushie Bridge", later "Fushie", was fully on the "south" side of the road overbridge - the later goods station site but when it was re-built in the 1870s it moved to the "north" side and became "Fushiebridge". The platform buildings seen in most photographs are probably from around 1900. Point of divergence of the branches was moved further south during re-signalling, originally they ran parallel up to the stone built road bridge to be close to the first box.

The station closed in 1943 and the box remained until 1960. The line closed in 1969. It reopened in 2015