A History of Britain’s Railways

Photographs of St Rollox Works
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St Rollox Works:
The offices of the Caledonian Railways St Rollox locomotive works.

Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 6427

St Rollox Works:
Behind the fence is the locomotive works of the Caledonian Railway, still in ...

Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 6428

St Rollox Works:
Taken from the former alignment of the Garnkirk and Glasgow approaching Glasgow. ...

Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 6445

St Rollox Works
Type: Loco shed

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St Rollox Works:
St Rollox Works, Springburn, following the demolition of much of the site to ...

Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 248

St Rollox Works:
6106 receiving attention at St Rollox Works in January 1970. The locomotive was ...

Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway 
John Furnevel [18/01/1970] Ref: 6337

St Rollox Works:
27202 in the process of being cut up at St Rollox Works in June 1981 alongside ...

Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway 
Colin Alexander [27/06/1981] Ref: 21062