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Photographs of South Shields
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South Shields:
Ticket barriers, footbridge and exit at South Shields in the 1970s.

North Eastern Railway 
Ian Dinmore [//] Ref: 18870

South Shields:
A DMU for Newcastle Central stands under the overall roof of the 1879 station at ...

North Eastern Railway 
Ian Dinmore [//] Ref: 17982

South Shields:
Evening at South Shields in the 1970s with a DMU preparing for the return to ...

North Eastern Railway 
Ian Dinmore [//] Ref: 17340

South Shields
Type: Station

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South Shields:
The 1879 NER station at South Shields seen in 1974 with a DMU from Newcastle ...

North Eastern Railway 
Ian Dinmore [//1974] Ref: 34027

South Shields:
A Cravens DMU waits under the overall roof at South Shields on 7 May 1981 with a ...

North Eastern Railway 
Colin Alexander [07/05/1981] Ref: 18869

South Shields:
The Metro terminus at South Shields, opened on 24 March 1984. The station is ...

Stanhope and Tyne Railroad 
John Furnevel [10/07/2004] Ref: 6172