A History of Britain’s Railways

Photographs of Shields Road
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Shields Road:
Aerial view of Glasgows South Side looking east. Smithy Lye (bottom centre), ...

Polloc and Govan Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 7269

Shields Road:
Shields Road and Polloc Junction. [Railscot note: route to St Enoch in ...

City of Glasgow Union Railway 
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow [23/05/1959] Ref: 16340

Shields Road:
The St Enoch platform at Shields Road shorttly after demolition. Photographed ...

City of Glasgow Union Railway 
Colin Miller [/05/1967] Ref: 24870

Shields Road
Type: Station

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Shields Road
Shields Road [Subway]
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Eglinton Street [GSW] Cumberland Street
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Shields Road Depot
Shields Road:
Looking to Shields Road along the route of the (then) recently uplifted and ...

General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//1987] Ref: 7949

Shields Road:
Shields Road looking north-west. Front to back; site of Shields stn, Burma road ...

Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//1987] Ref: 7844

Shields Road:
The Burma road emerges from under the closed CGU approach to Shields Station - ...

General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//1987] Ref: 7845