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Photographs of Newcraighall
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View looking north over the new Newcraighall station under construction.

Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 756

Newcraighall station carpark seen from the north.

Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 760

Newcraighall, just a few days before opening.

Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 13941

Newcraighall (2002-)
Type: Station

This is a single platform station located between Niddrie South Junction and Newcraighall North Junction where the Millerhill Deviation (Network Rail) leaves the alignment of the original Waverley Route.

From 2003 until 2015 this was the southern passenger terminus of a line from Portobello East Junction although freight trains could continue into Millerhill Marshalling Yard and via the Monktonhall Curve to join the East Coast Main Line at Monktonhall Junction.

A turnback siding was opened with the station, to the south of the station close by the site of Millerhill Yard's Down Departure Sidings. This was later re-aligned west in preparation for the re-opening of the line to Galashiels. This re-aligned siding became the first section of the new route.
03/06/2002Portobello East Junction to Niddrie South Junction and Niddrie South Junction to Newcraighall re-opened to passengers with a stations at Brunstane and Newcraighall. A long reversing spur was provided south of Newcraighall from the new Newcraighall Junction.

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Putting the finishing touches to the platform at Newcraighall, shortly before ...

Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway 
Ewan Crawford [/05/2002] Ref: 47555

158706 at Newcraighall on 3 June 2002, the first day of Edinburgh Crossrail ...

Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway 
Bill Roberton [03/06/2002] Ref: 54452

Platform scene at Newcraighall on 4 June 2002, the first day of operations, as ...

Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway 
John Furnevel [04/06/2002] Ref: 3358