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Photographs of Bridgeton Cross
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One Glasgow 'Coronation' tram glimpsed from another on 4th August 1962, a month ...

Glasgow Corporation Tramways 
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [04/08/1962] Ref: 38853

Bridgeton, Rutherglen platforms.

Glasgow Central Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//1987] Ref: 7759

Bridgeton looking to Glasgow Central. Disused Carmyle route island platform out ...

Glasgow Central Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//1987] Ref: 7760

Bridgeton Cross [CR] (1895-1964)
Bridgeton (1979-)
Type: Station

This is a two platform station.

The original configuration of this station was somewhat unusual - two platforms on either side of the line to Rutherglen and an island platform on the line to Carmyle. On the south side of the island platform were carriage sidings, approached from the west. The island platform itself was partly belong London Road but with the south elevation open.

The station closed in 1964.

The two platforms on the Rutherglen route re-opened in 1979. The island platform remains in ruinous condition as the Carmyle route did not re-open. The carriage sidings are now occupied by housing.

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The island platform, for the route to Carmyle, at Bridgeton looking west in ...

Glasgow Central Railway 
Ewan Crawford [//1998] Ref: 53897

314 209 seen at Bridgeton in September 1998 on a service to Coatbridge Central, ...

Glasgow Central Railway 
David Panton [11/09/1998] Ref: 22237

Looking east toward the tunnel. The Supports hold London Road above.

Glasgow Central Railway 
Colin Harkins [29/01/2006] Ref: 10881

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