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Edinburgh and the Borders

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This is an area bounded by Edinburgh, Carlisle and Berwick.

There are 11 pages of railways in this region.
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Aberlady Gullane and North Berwick Railway

Argyll Publishing

David Spaven signing a copy of 'Waverley Route: the life, death and rebirth of the Borders Railway' at the launch event for the book at Stow Town Hall. Signing followed a highly entertaining and informative talk by Councillor David Parker (the Leader of Borders Council) on the challenges presented to ... [Ewan Crawford]

Auchencorth Peat Moss Railway

Shed scene on the Auchencorth peat railway to the south of Penicuik with petrol locomotive T1 standing in the yard. Photograph taken two days before Christmas 2003, with operations closed down for the holiday period. The 2ft gauge system at Auchencorth Moss was operated on behalf of William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd. [John Furnevel]

Barnton Branch

Part of a 1:1250 map of showing Barnton station (which was to close in 1951) and, off-photo, not much else. The station was called Cramond Brig when if first opened; Barnton was then just a house. It's odd therefore that the previous station, in the village of Davidson's Mains, was ... [David Panton]

Berwick and Kelso Railway

A very early act, dating from May 1811, obtained by the Berwick and Kelso Railway Company. Sadly the company was dissolved prior to any of the planned railway being built, as a result of various disagreements amongst directors regarding issues such as land purchase and the cost of the proposed ... [Ian Dinmore]

Berwickshire Railway

The Greenlaw branch pickup goods near Fans Loanend siding on the eastern outskirts of Earlston in 1965. The locomotive is propelling wagons for the sawmill at Earlston. [See image 22900] [Bruce McCartney]

Border Counties Railway

Originally built as a double track railway but only ever had a single track as seen here. The trackbed of the Border Counties Railway about one mile south west of Saughtree Station looking north east. The station itself is located around the bend behind the trees. The picture was taken ... [Charlie Niven]

List of locations in this area

Act Auchencorth 

Barrasford Bellingham (North Tyne) Border Counties Junction 

Charlton [BCR] Chollerton Countess Park 



Falstone Fans Loanend Siding 

Gordon Greenlaw 


Kielder Forest Kielder Viaduct 

Leaderfoot Viaduct Lewiefield Halt 


Plashetts Plates, signs and notices 

Ravenswood Junction Reedsmouth Reedsmouth Junction Reedsmouth Shed Riccarton Junction Rumbletonlaw 

Saughtree Stow 

Tarset Thorneyburn 

Wall Wark