The thriving metropolis that is Zarubino, Far East Russia, photographed from an arriving ferry on 12th June 2013. As can been seen, the place was as dull as the name suggests (I think it was once a state-run fishing port), although it was on a branch line at the eastern extremity of the Trans-Siberian Railway. It really was the end of the world. Railway interest is provided by the blue-liveried Class 20 lookalike loco and a couple of flat wagons trying to hide amongst the buildings on the jetty. The ferry was visiting this outpost of humanity on a trial basis from the South Korean east coast port of Sokcho, up near the border with North Korea, to Zarubino in the hope that Chinese traffic heading for South Korea might be attracted (the Chinese Border isn’t far away from Zarubino). Taking passage on our northbound ferry were the Osaka branch of Hell’s Angels and their motorbikes (you couldn’t make this up), who were last seen roaring off up the road just visible above the red roofed building in the photo, heading for Vladivostok I believe.

Location: Zarubino

Company: Trans Siberian Railway

Photographer: Robert Blane

Make contact: Robert Blane

Date: 12/06/2013

Image number: 54378

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