A long barrel roofed full width canopy stands to the south of the main upside building at Yatton station, as seen in this view from the opposite platform on 9 May. It previously also served the in-filled south facing Clevedon Branch bay, where cars can now be seen parked, upto closure of the branch to passengers on 3 October 1966.
David Pesterfield [09/05/2015]

The now roofless footbridge at the north end of Yatton Station seen from the upside approach road on 10 May 2015. Note the half landings incorporated on each side of the bridge.
David Pesterfield [10/05/2015]

The up side building at Yatton Station, between Bristol Temple Meads and Bridgwater, looking approx. south west on a Sunday afternoon in May. A near identical building exists on the down side platform. West of Yatton were the junctions for the Cheddar Valley line, which turned south from a bay platform on the down side, and for the Clevedon branch which turned north from a bay platform on this side. Part of the canopy for the latter platform can be seen on the extreme right. [See image 51843]
David Pesterfield [10/05/2015]
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