The Carlisle platform at Whitehaven (formerly Bransty) in July 1988 with new waiting room and ticket office on the right. The through platform for Barrow stands on the other side of the building.
Ian Dinmore [/07/1988]

Looking north at Whitehavens former Bransty station. Signalbox in distance. The track to the left is a bay platform and that to the right a through route to Barrow.
Ewan Crawford [//]

Framed by two semaphores, 37606 leaves the short double track section from Parton and slows for the Whitehaven stop with the 2C34 Carlisle to Barrow afternoon service. Bransty box, just visible on the left, is one of eight between Bootle and Carlisle scheduled to close in 2019 with control passing to the Manchester regional signalling centre. [See image 2238] for an earlier view from this spot.
Mark Bartlett [22/06/2015]
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