The tunnel entrance at Whitehaven is misleading, as a girder bridge of double track width conceals the single track bore that runs to Corkickle. 153352 emerges to call at Whitehaven on its way to Carlisle with a coastal stopping service. The signal isn^t controlled from Bletchley of course but Bransty signalbox, which was the original supplementary name of this station.
Mark Bartlett [13/11/2017]

156448 forming a southbound Northern Rail service disappearing into Whitehaven Tunnel on 20 August 2012. Next stop in two minutes time is Corkickle (easy for you to say!) en route to its ultimate destination at Barrow.
Brian Smith [20/08/2012]

Nowadays the LNWR style cabin at Whitehaven (Bransty) only controls a limited number of signals and points in the station area but it has also gained responsibility for the single line section north towards Parton and south to St. Bees. Seen here from a southbound train approaching the station on 13th November 2017.
Mark Bartlett [13/11/2017]
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