The Border Counties station site at Wark, Northumberland, on 5 November looking back towards Hexham. Probably the best drained lawn in the village.
John Furnevel [05/11/2007]

Wark station building in 2002.
Mike Shannon [/05/2002]

Wark station looking south towards Barrasford. I had an interesting conversation with the owner, who has lived in the old station since 1960 just after freight services ended. The right hand side of the building as seen here was single storey but the first floor extension has been faced with local stone and so appears on first inspection to be part of the original building. The platform edging stones are at their original height but the surface behind sloped down towards the building causing damp problems. This section has therefore been dug out and a gentle slope away from the building towards the ramp put in - problem solved in a neat and ingenious way.
Mark Bartlett [07/06/2013]
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