An HST leaving Taunton in the summer of 1985.
Ian Dinmore [/07/1985]

During severe flooding blocking the line at Cowley Bridge Junction north of Exeter a CrossCountry HST from York lays over on the right in Taunton^s platform 2. Routing from Cheltenham had been via Chepstow with reversal at Severn Tunnel Junction due to a landslip near Westerleigh. The class 150 DMUs are operating shuttle services from Taunton to Bristol and Cardiff.
David Pesterfield [28/11/2012]

A former GWR water tower still extant on down side north of Taunton Station seen from the window of a passing train in October 2012. The legend ^British Railways Taunton Freight Concentration Depot^ is still visible on the tank side.
David Pesterfield [17/10/2012]
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