Ex-GWR 2-8-0 2886 with a down goods through Swindon Station on 6 October 1961.
K A Gray [06/10/1961]

166 209 is a rare sight in these parts, the 160^s tend not to go past Didcot. Perhaps it was heading for one of the local wheel lathes such as Bristol St. Phillips Marsh or Cardiff.
Peter Todd [01/03/2017]

Swindon had the pleasure of Tornado passing through enroute to Cardiff. Paddington-Reading-Swindon-Chippenham-Filton-Severn Tunnel-Cardiff. Passing time ~ 1150, 30 mins. late due to a freight train failing. This was the first steamer of the year through Swindon, although if you listened to the local media, you would think it was the first steam train since 1965.
Peter Todd [01/03/2017]
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