A quarter of an hour earlier on Sunday 21st September 2016, the sun had been shining just south of Stow, but predictably had disappeared by the time 46100 Royal Scot came drifting downhill on the afternoon trip to Tweedbank. At least there was a decent trail of steam issuing from the safety valves on this occasion - I was out at the same spot the following Sunday for the last working of the 2016 season but it was even duller and there was no steam to boot!
Bill Jamieson [21/09/2016]

About a mile south of Stow, 66613 (leading) and 66614 take the ballast train south on 27 January.
Bill Roberton [27/01/2015]

Looking south over the former Stow station.
Ewan Crawford [//1997]
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