60027 Merlin stands with other withdrawn locomotives at the rear of St Margarets shed, thought to be in the autumn of 1965. The A4 had been officially withdrawn by BR from 64A on 30 September that year and was finally disposed of through Campbells of Shieldhall during December.
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [//1965]

Scene at St Margarets during the summer of 1966, with Black 5 No. 45483 receiving some attention on the south side of the shed.
David Spaven [//1966]

View south east over the car park at Meadowbank Stadium on 17 May 2013. The buildings stand on the site of what was, in the 1950s, home to over 200 steam locomotives. The grey structure on the right is alongside the site of St Margarets signal box, with the tunnel just beyond. Top right are the tenements of London Road itself... nowadays a smoke-free zone. Passing is the 13.30 Edinburgh - Kings Cross.
John Furnevel [17/05/2013]
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