65929 and 60955 stabled alongside the south wall of St Margarets shed around 1962.
K A Gray [//1962]

The gloomy interior of St Margarets shed on 16 April 1965. A4 Pacific no 60027 Merlin, with only a few months to go until official withdrawal, is temporarily illuminated by the rays of the sun. On the right stands Black 5 no 45477, having recently moved across the city from Dalry Road shed, where final closure was imminent, while in the centre background stands A3 no 60041 Salmon Trout, which would itself be withdrawn from 64A in December of that year.

Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [16/04/1965]

Except for the western side the surroundings of the former St Margarets shed have not changed greatly since closure in the 1960s.  Unfortunately there are two dirty great office blocks on the site itself, which makes taking ^now^ pictures to the ^thens^ on Railscot a bit diffy.  This update [see image 26920] is not thus affected,  but this time it^s planted vegetation that gets in the way a bit.  Anyway, that row of tenements is still there, looking half the age it did then, standing on Restalrig Road South, semi-officially called Smokey Brae (with the misspelling of ^smoky^ immortalised).

David Panton [12/02/2011]
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