Hawksworth 0-6-0PT no 8422 stands on Southall shed in August 1961. Designed for heavy shunting duties and classified 4F this example was built in 1950 during the BR era. No 8422 spent its last days at Southall, being withdrawn 11 months after this photograph was taken and cut up at Cashmores, Newport in October 1962 after less than 12 years service. Note the old grounded clerestory coach in the background, once a feature on many steam sheds.
K A Gray [20/08/1961]

Waiting for a train, Southall station, 1980.
John Furnevel [18/11/1980]

50034 Furious takes the down fast line through Southall station in November 1980 with a Paddington - Plymouth train.
John Furnevel [18/11/1980]
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